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Services By Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra ( CSC ) , Deoria

Services in Offering

• Digital photography
• Digital videography
• NREGA photograph
• NREGA data collection
• Government form submission
• Information regarding electoral processes - addition and deletion
• Survey work by AC Nelson
• Data entry (Land Acquisition and Land Records)
• Internet
• Death certificate
• Birth certificate
Kalyan Mandap booking
• Holding tax payment
• Agricultural soil testing
• Agricultural diagnostics
• e-Learning
• Electric bill collection (WBSEDCL)
• BSNL bill collection
Mobile top ups
• Railway reservation
• LIC premium collection
• Advertising
chaakri portal
• Gas booking
• Examination results

Future Services

• e-Commerce
• Matrimonial services
• Distance education
• Postal service
• IEC (Information, Education and Communication)
• Infotainment


Srei-Sahaj offers through its e-Learning services are basic computers, job training, interview etiquettes, MS Word, MS Excel, Win XP, MS Power Point, ITES-BPO training, soft skills for frontline sales executives etc. As a result computer education or advanced computer training is not an unfamiliar concept to the rural youths anymore, which is not only enhancing their confidence level but also opening up a wider market for them in terms of job or setting up their own business. Getting coaching in subjects like Physics and other sciences, and advanced level English is giving the rural aspirants an option to change their destiny.

Moreover, getting online admission to courses and colleges or universities is not only an

encouraging experience to the rural citizen but it is also beginning a new era for the lesser privileged rural communities of the country. Supplying educational material, on line teacher training facilities, on line examination result, online availability of educational loans are few other service that a CSC of Srei-Sahaj is providing its consumers with and thereby making a futuristic and everlasting change in their life.

Land and Land Reform Services

Common Service Centers under the Srei-Sahaj project to provide the following land related services to the common rural people of the state:

For obtaining a copy of Record of Rights from the Block Land and Land Reforms Service:
On application by the Raiyat farmers the VLE will collect the respective ‘Record of Rights’ from the office of the concerned Block Land & Land Reforms Officer at a prescribed fee charged for the cost of copy of Record of Rights. The VLE will charge a nominal fee of Rs 10/- for the service rendered by him, in this connection, to the concerned landowner, the Raiyat.

For Land Revenue/ Cess Collection from the Raiyat
On the request of an individual Raiyat, the operator at the Common Service Center or the VLE will collect the respective Land Revenue/ Cess forms from the Raiyat, deposit the form to the concerned Block and Land Reforms Officer with a proper receipt and handover the receipt to the landowner. The VLE will charge a nominal of Rs 10/- for the service rendered by him to the Raiyat.

Agricultural Services

Srei-Sahaj is striving to bridge the gap between the potential of the Indian
agriculture and the dilapidated nature of agricultural sector in terms of earning revenues. SAHAJ is aspiring to improve the service quality of the agricultural sector by introducing the revolutionary Agro-Diagnostic Service. It is via the SAHAJ portal the farmers are getting chance to put across their farming related problems which are getting registered by the VLEs on their very own SAHAJ portal. The problems are then uploaded in the Disease and Pest Diagnostic Kit provided by Srei-Sahaj. Accordingly suggestions, recommendations, crop management advices are becoming available to the farmers just by a click of the mouse. Instead of spending life of unaided uncertainties of agricultural plight the less educated and in many cases illiterate farmers are getting the benefit of technology driven answers to their queries at a nominal cost.

In future Srei-Sahaj is planning to include 200 crops and allied problems in the portal and offer more varied services to the farmers.

BSNL Bill-remittance

Srei-Sahaj and BSNL partnership has led to an important breakthrough, allowing payment of domestic and public landline telephone bills in the state of West Bengal from the SAHAJ CSCs in remote villages. A consumer no longer needs to travel miles to pay BSNL telephone bills. The Srei-Sahaj portal provides functionality to the VLEs and BSNL stakeholder to login and accomplish tasks without any difficulty. CSCs accept the payment made by the consumer in favor of BSNL in Cash (or Cheque / Draft / Pay Order) within due date. Any payment received after Pay-by-date shall also include late payment surcharge (i.e., payable amount after Pay-by-date).

WBSEDCL Bill Payment

Paying electricity bills from a remote village in the state of West Bengal, without
having to travel miles to pay on time, is a reality today. This has been achieved through the Srei-Sahaj-WBSEDCL partnership. The Srei-Sahaj Portal provides functionality to VLE and the WBSEDCL stakeholder to login and accomplish a number of tasks without any difficulty. Paying of WBSEDCL bill has never been easier or more transparent; a greater consciousness regarding the proper and legal use of electricity is thus being generated among the rural poor.

IRCTC – Railway Ticket Booking

To make the rural life easier the Srei-Sahaj – IRCTC partnership has become a specific vehicle to extend the ticket booking facilities to rural India. This initiative is an important tool in bridging the digital divide between the rural and urban travelers and reducing the transaction cost of the customers, who previously had to take a trip to a distant corner of his state or district only to book the ticket and in due process spent a whole lot of extra money.

Chaakri Portal

Chaakri is a unique rural employment program initiated by Srei-Sahaj through our very own portal. The scheme is distinctive from other perceived employment agencies available in the national job market of the country which target mainly the ‘white collar’ in the urban areas. Unlike them addresses the need of the job aspirants in the rural areas and gives them the opportunity to register themselves and upload their CVs with the Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) who are running the Common Service Centers (CSCs) in the states where Srei-Sahaj has set up these services.

Sahaj Academy

Armed with a registration from the Directorate of Industrial Training, Government of West Bengal, is poised to impart vocational training in the fields of Information & Communication Technology & Soft Skills. The training modules would cover areas of basic computer knowledge, internet kiosk operations, communication skills, et al. The course content is as per guidelines from the National Council for Vocational Training, Ministry of Labour & Employment. On successful completion of the course, and an assessment by authorized assesses, the candidates would receive a certificate from Directorate General of Employment and Training. Talks are on to get the Entrepreneurship Training Manual, which was developed in-house, certified by the DIT too. The first academy site is under construction & would comprise of two classrooms & a studio. The main idea is to nurture the rural youth of tomorrow in a technologically advanced environment, where they would be well trained to excel in the ICT enhanced world.


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